Are you looking for some ways to raise short term cash to make ends meet? Here are some ideas for raising money quickly to pay off an expense.

Consider Short Term Loans

Some loan providers offer short term loans that you can get, whether or not you have good credit. Payday loans are a good example. These are often for small amounts (such as under $1000) and they have a short term on the loan, so you would want to pay it off within the next several weeks. Hence, the term payday loans; they are a good way to hold your finances over until your next payday. A company like American Cash Advance and Title Loan can provide more information.

Pawn Shops

Another idea is pawn shops for short term cash. If you have any valuable items, they can be used as leverage to get a small loan from a pawn shop. Potential items to sell at a pawn shop include old jewelry, electronics, and musical instruments. The way it works is that the pawn shop holds your item and gives you a short term loan. When you want the item back, you must pay them back the money plus interest and fees. If you need to extend the term of the loan, you might need to make a small payment to extend the item's safekeeping. If you end up not paying back the loan after a set amount of time, then the item belongs to the pawn shop and they sell it in their storefront.

Look for Local Gigs

You could also look for local gigs in your classifieds. Whatever you do as your profession, it might be of value to neighbors who could pay you a fee for an afternoon's work. Things like heavy lifting, financial work, and yard work are some popular items that you could offer in your local classifieds. And there's often a short turnaround time for getting hired for these one-off jobs. 

Look for Online Gigs

Also, there are online gigs that you could potentially get into on short notice. Some of the easiest ones are surveys that can be taken by all types of people. You could also enter certain shopping rebate programs that give you cash back. Putting together a good amount of money on these sites could be difficult to do on short notice, and it will require some effort, so use this one if you aren't able to gather the funds by the methods above.