If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you may be living in fear of the police knocking on your day each and every day to arrest you. There is no need to live like this. Turning yourself in helps you to get the warrant out of the way and helps to relieve the stress of wondering when you will be arrested. As you prepare to turn yourself in, here are a few of the steps you will want to follow. 

Figure Out If a Bail Amount Has Been Set

In most counties, once a warrant has been issued, a standard bail amount is set for that warrant. So, for example, burglary charges may carry a $5,000 set bail amount. If this is the case where you live, this means that you may already have a set bail amount as soon as the warrant is issued. When there is a pre-set bail amount, you can work with a bail bonds company to bail yourself out of jail as quickly as possible. You can fill out all of the bail forms and pay the fee. Once you turn yourself in, the bail company can post the bond, having you out of jail in no time. 

Leave All of Your Valuables at Home

Another step you will want to take as you prepare to turn yourself in to jail is to leave all of your valuables at home. Always take off all of your jewelry and leave your wallet at home. When you check in to jail, all you need is a copy of your state-issued identification card and the clothes on your back. Other items can be lost or misplaced, so it is easiest just to leave them at home where you know they are safe. 

Find Out What You Can and Can't Keep With You

Lastly, if you know that you can't afford to bail out or have a hold that prevents you from bailing out, take the time to find out what you can bring in to jail and keep with you and what you cannot. Some jails will allow you to keep your own socks and underwear on, as long as they are white or black in color. Some jails allow you to bring cash in with you and post it to your books so you can buy commissary right away. Some allow you to bring in a couple of photos, as long as they are not gang-related, drug-related, vulgar or offensive. Other jails will remove everything you come into jail with from you. If you can bring items in, always make sure you know what the rules and restrictions are in regards to those items. 

Many times, if a warrant is issued, you already have a bail amount set. Working with a bail bonds company allows you to be bailed out of jail as soon as you turn yourself in, helping you to get out as quickly as possible. If you have a warrant out, contact your attorney and/or a bonds company today to find out if a bail amount was set and how to bond out, so you can clear up the warrant that you have.