Getting arrested can be a dramatic experience, especially when a person has to spend a night in jail. However, a detainee has two options. They can either sit in jail and wait for their arraignment date in court or post bail.

If you are going to post bail, you also have two options. You can either raise the bail amount out of your finances or use a bail bond service to finance the bail. 

Here are three reasons why using a bail bonds service is better than paying bail out of your pocket.

1. A Bail Bond Service is a Cheaper Option

Bail bond amounts can range from a few thousand dollars to millions. Raising a high bail bond amount can be a challenge because few people have thousands of dollars lying around to cater to their bail. 

So, if you plan to pay the bail bond amount out of your finances, you may have to ask friends and family to chip in. But still, you may not be able to raise the total amount required quickly. 

Bail bond services are willing to cover the entire bail bond amount for a small fee (bail bond premium). Bail bond premiums range between 5% and 12% of the bond amount, depending on your state. Once you provide the bail bond premium, a bail bond service posts your entire bail amount. Thus, you only need to raise a small percentage of the bond amount when using a bail bond service.

Hence, using a bail bond service is more affordable than raising the entire bail amount on your own. 

2. Bail Bond Services Are More Convenient 

An arrest can occur at any time of day or night. If the arrest occurs at night, you may have to wait until morning before your loved ones raise your bond amount. Hence, the chances of spending the night or a few days in jail are high. 

Nonetheless, there are bail bond services that operate twenty-four hours a day. Using a 24-hour bail bond service to post bail can help you avoid spending the night in jail. 

Hence, a 24-hour bail bond service is more convenient than waiting for someone to post your bail in the morning.

3. Bail Bond Services Ensure a Faster Release from Jail

The bonding process can be pretty slow, especially if you don't know how it works. As a result, tackling the slow process can extend the amount of time you spend in a jail cell. 

Bail bond companies have relations with the people overseeing the bail bond system. As a result, they have a better chance of posting your bail and getting you released quickly. Thus, your best chance of getting out of jail in the shortest time lies with using a bail bond service